Magheragall Townland, Magheragall

Ordnance Survey Memoirs

The following extract is from "Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland – Parishes of County Antrim VII 1832 – 1838". Thanks to The Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast for permission to use this extract.


Springfield, the seat of Captain Houghton, stands about 3 miles from Lisburn, on the leading road from the latter town to Ballinderry. The house is a very neat oblong house, slated and stands 1 storey high. There is a fruit and vegetable garden containing about 2 English acres, enclosed partly by a stone and lime wall and partly by a quickset fence. Entrance from the above road by a neat wrought iron gate, at which stands a neat porter’s lodge, and in front of the house a large lawn interspersed by a variety of forest trees. the demense, which consists of about 87 English acres, is bounded to a great extent by plantations and divided into well-arranged fields, which are enclosed by good quickset fences and iron gates to each. The house and demesne is in good order and eligible for a gentleman’s seat.

The house was originally an ordinary farmhouse, but about 60 years back the place passed into the hands of the late Edward Wakefield Esquire, who rebuilt the house and resided there for several years, till the tenure expired about 1811, at which period the late Major Houghton got a new lease of the situation and subsequently made several improvements on the house and demesne. The present proprietor has also improved the place to some extent since his father’s death. Informants John Mcgrath and Moses Watson. 12th July 1837.

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