Gartree Townland, Killead

Ordnance Survey Memoirs

The following are extracts from “Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland – Parishes of County Antrim XIII 1833, 1835,1838”. Thanks to The Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast for permission to use this extract.


In the townland of Gartree an amateur band which had been only 3 years formed was recently broken up, owing to some petty discussion. The instruments consisted of a Kent bugle, 4 clarionettes, 2 flutes, 2 horns, a serpent, bassoon and drum. They paid their teacher 1 pound per month, each person providing his own instrument.

In rural districts, particularly so retired, such instruments are almost unknown. Violins are numerous along the shore and southern side of the parish. The flute also is a favourite instrument throughout the parish.

Wakes are now not attended as places of amusement.

Stone Chair

The chair shown is in the townland of Gartree and stands close to a farmhouse. It occasionally serves for the humble purpose of "a getting on stane." Its form is natural and it is a single stone. There is no story connected with it, nor is it known how or when it found its way to its present position.

Marriage Notice — Lorimer / McErvel

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated 1st April 1861 and is reproduced with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.


March 27th in the Unitarian Church, Carrickfergus by the Rev. J. Jennings, A.B., James Lorimer Esq, Edenvale, Glenavy to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Archibald McErvel, Esq., Gartree, Crumlin.


The following is an extract from The Lisburn Standard Saturday 30th November 1889

Alleged Larceny

A railway porter named McMurray was charged with the larceny of five pheasants, the property of the Rev. Mr. Pakenham, Langford Lodge. Accused was returned for trial at the Winter Assizes in Omagh, bail being refused.

Gartree (C of I) Church

The following can be found in the book "Buildings of County Antrim by C.E.B. Brett published in 1996." page 51, no 45. Includes a photograph by M. O’Connell.

Gartree (C of I) Church, Gartree. Situated up a lane, north of the road from Crumlin to Gartree Point. Town land – Gartree.

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