Ballyhill Townland, Killead

Freehold Registration

The following extract is from the Belfast Newsletter dated Tuesday 29th September, 1829 and is reproduced with permission of the Belfast News Letter.

County of Antrim

List of persons applying to Register their Freeholds at the next General Quarter Session of the Peace, to be held at Antrim, for the Division of Ballymena, pursuant to the Act of 10th George the Fourth, Cap.8, entered by the Clerk of the Peace.


Name and Residence of Applicant: Tobias McCreight, Ballyhill
Description of Freehold: Houses and lands, Ballyhill
Yearly Value to be registered: £10

Ordnance Survey Memoirs

The following are extracts from “Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland – Parishes of County Antrim XIII 1833, 1835,1838”. Thanks to The Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast for permission to use this extract.


William Jameson of Ballyhill is in his 91st year.

Mr Brown Charged

The following is an extract from the Lisburn Standard dated Saturday March 30th 1889.

Crumlin Petty Sessions.

Mrs. Martha Brown, publican, Ballyhill, charged her father-in-law, Mr. John Brown, with threatening to shoot her upon the 16th March. There were also two other summonses for similar offences against the same defendant, by the father and mother of Mrs. Brown.

Mr. G.B. Wilkins, solicitor, Lisburn, appeared for the complainants; and Mr. Williamson for the defendant.

Mr. Wilkins asked the magistrates to put the defendant under a rule of bail, as his conduct could not be tolerated, especially upon licensed premises, and toward the party responsible for keeping them properly conducted.

The Chairman said that under the circumstances, the parties being all friends, the quarrel would be better settled by not proceeding any further in the case, and cautioned the defendant against annoying the complainants in the future.

Accident on "Bullock Walk"

The following is an extract from The Lisburn Standard dated Friday, September 12th 1924.

Motor Accident near Dundrod

A motor accident took place on Saturday afternoon at a bend on a road known as the "Bullock Walk" about 2½ miles from Dundrod, and half a mile from Ballyhill. It appears that a young man named Nathan Wilson, Knockcairn, Dundrod, was riding his motor bicycle to the starting point of the Grand Prix Cycle Races to see Joe Craig, Ballymena, finishing his last lap, when he collided with Mr. Samuel Calvert’s motor lorry, the driver of which was Thomas Wilson, who, as usual, was on his rounds collecting buttermilk from farmers for delivery in Belfast.

The impact was so great that the unfortunate man was practically rendered unconscious, and was removed to Mr. Calvert’s residence close by, and afterwards conveyed to Mr. Robert Graham’s (Brookhill) motor car to his father’s residence.

The front part of his machine was knocked into pieces. Dr. Hunter, Crumlin, was immediately informed, and responded promptly, and found it necessary to insert a number of stitches in the injured cyclist’s face and attend to other minor injuries. At first his condition appeared to be crucial, but now he is progressing as favourably as can be expected under the circumstances.

Adulterated Buttermilk

The following is an extract taken from The Lisburn Herald, Saturday, March 2nd, 1929

Thos. Heaney of Ballydonaghy, and J. Costello, of Ballyhill, were each fined 10s and costs at the Belfast Summons Court on Monday for having sold buttermilk adulterated with water in excess of the amount allowed.

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