Edenturcher Townland, Glenavy

Auction – Prime Flax and Land

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated 9th August 1842 and appears with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.


The Subscriber will sell by Public Auction, at the hour of Twelve o’clock, on Wednesday, the 10th inst at Glenavy.
Fourteen acres of Prime Flax. There is every accommodation on the Premises for Watering, Grassing and Storing, &c.
Also, by permission of the Very Rev. Dean of Ross, about 14 acres of Land, situated in the Townland of Edenturcher, known as Canovan’s Farm, now in the possession of Dr. Murray.

Terms at sale.

Maria Stewart. Glenavy, 4th August 1842.

Marriage Notice — Lorimer / McErvel

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated 1st April 1861 and is reproduced with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.


March 27th in the Unitarian Church, Carrickfergus by the Rev. J. Jennings, A.B., James Lorimer Esq, Edenvale, Glenavy to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Archibald McErvel, Esq., Gartree, Crumlin.

Extract from Griffith Valuation 1862 – Union of Lisburn (Part of)

County of Antrim — Barony of Massereene — Parish of Glenavy

Column 1 : Number and letters of Reference to map
Column 2 : Occupiers
Column 3 : Immediate Lessors
Column 4 : Description of Tenement
Column 5 : Area
Not included Rateable Annual Valuation of land and buildings and Total Annual Valuation of Rateable property
Townland: Edenturcher
Ordnance Survey map number: 59
1a Andrew Larmour Marquis of Hertford House,Flour,Flax &
60 00 23
1b Mary Anne Bell Andrew Larmour House and Garden 00 00 15
1c Thomas Walker same House and Garden 00 00 10
1d William J. Coburn same House and Garden 00 00 30
1e Ellen Bickerstaff same House and Garden 00 01 30
1f James Burns same House
1g Francis Finn same House
1h Robert Dooras same House and Garden 00 00 20
1i Allen Courtney same House and Garden 00 20 00
1j Robert Magrath same House and Garden 00 00 24
1k William Reid &
Margaret McQuillan
same House, Small Garden
2 James Nelson Marquis of Hertford Land 07 00 00
3 Daniel Keyland same Land 00 03 29
4a John Crossey same House,Offices,Land 20 02 36
5A same same same 03 01 20
5B same same same 01 01 10
6 William Crossey same House,Office,Land 08 03 00
7 same same same 11 02 28
8 James Crossey same same 17 03 37
9A same same same 00 03 10
9B same same same 00 02 20
Total     144 00 22

"Glenavy Past and Present"

The following is an extract from Charles Watson’s "Glenavy Past and Present", 1892.

The prosperity of Glenavy was further enhanced by the mills erected by the Lorimer family on the farms at Glenavy and Edinturcher. At the Glenavy farm Mr. James Lorimer possesses a corn mill and beetling engines, under the management of two of his sons, Archibald and Andrew, which give regular employment; and at the Edinturcher farm there is a sawmill and more beetling engines; close to which is Edenvale, where he resides in a pretty thatched house, on the edge of a large pond, over which swans gracefully glide.

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