Carnkilly Townland, Glenavy

Hertford Estate Rejoicings

The following extract is from the Belfast Newsletter dated 10th February 1859 and is used with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.

Rejoicings on the Hertford Estate.

When it became known on Tuesday last that the lady of W.T. Stannus, Esq., J.P., Lisburn, had given birth to a son and heir, the tenantry on the Hertford estate assembled in large numbers on yesterday evening to manifest their respect and gratitude towards the family, by kindling large bonfires on the range of hills extending from Aughrim towards Glenavy. Tar barrels blazed on Bannister’s Hill, Whitemountain, Aughrim, Crew Hill, Carnkilly, Sentry Hill and other places. Many hearty cheers were given, which broke the dull ear of night, and were echoed far and wide amid the Glens of Stoneyford, and the adjacent districts. Such demonstrations as these give a sure indication of the state of public opinion on the estate. The agent of the Hertford Estate is deservedly popular amongst all classes of the tenantry. They have always found him to be a gentleman in the highest sense of the term, willing at all times to investigate their claims in a fair, free and full manner. The best proof of this is that great improvements are taking place on the estate, and the sweet power of cultivation appears, when formerly there was nothing but a dismal swamp, or a barren heath. This is not the only time on which the tenantry of this great property manifested their respect and esteem for the agent. On the occasion of his marriage with a lady of high rank, they presented him with a valuable service of plate, and gave a dinner at which were present, not only the respectable and influential men of all parties on the estate, but also many gentlemen from the adjacent districts. Such demonstrations of regard indicate a sound state of things, and furnish a pleasing picture of the mutual confidence and good-will which prevail between the agent and tenantry of one of the largest properties in Ireland.

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