Ballyvanen Townland, Glenavy

Freehold Registrations, 1831

The following is an extract from The Belfast Newsletter dated 30th September 1831 and is used with permission of The Belfast Newsletter.

The following names are taken from a list of persons applying to register their Freeholds at a General Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be held in Belfast on the 24th October, 1831.

No. 142

Name and Residence of Applicant: James Donnoly, Ballyvannon
Description of Freehold, with the names of Barony and Townland in which situated: House and land, Upper Massereene, town land of Ballyvannon
Yearly Value to be registered: £10

Marriage – James Nettleton to Elizabeth Patterson

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated January 18 1833 and appears with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.


On the 7th inst in Glenavy Church, by the Rev. Danl. Bell, Mr James Nettleton, of Gortnagallon, Killead, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Hungerford Patterson of Ballyvannen.

Extract from Griffith Valuation 1862 – Union of Lisburn (Part of)

County of Antrim — Barony of Massereene — Parish of Glenavy

Column 1 : Number and letters of Reference to map
Column 2 : Occupiers
Column 3 : Immediate Lessors
Column 4 : Description of Tenement
Column 5 : Area
Not included Rateable Annual Valuation of land and buildings and Total Annual Valuation of Rateable property
Ordnance Survey map number: 58 & 62
1 Daniel McKaveny Marquis of Hertford House,Office,Land 16 00 20
2a William Farr same House, Land 02 02 04
2b Henry Farr same House, land as above
2c Richard Farr Henry Farr House as above
3 John Farr Marquis of Hertford House, Office, land 01 01 12
4a John Murray same House, land 07 03 07
4b Patrick McAravy same House, land 00 00 32
5 same same same 04 02 35
6Aa Rev. John H, Birtill same House, Offices, land 05 00 25
6B same same same 09 00 00
6b Moravian Chapel see exemptions
7 Allen Cardwell Marquis of Hertford House, land 01 03 12
8a Valentine Fitzgerald same Herd’s ho, Off, land 53 03 00
8b John McKaveny Valentine Fitzgerald House
8c Maurice Fitzgerald same House, garden 00 02 30
9 Eliza Crangle Marquis of Hertford House, Offices, land 45 01 29
10 John Creany same House, Offices, land 18 02 00
11a same same Office, land 08 01 10
1b Edward Neill John Creany House
12Aa John Donnelly Marquis of Hertford House, Office,land 08 03 10
12B same same House, Office,land 07 02 38
13 Patrick Donnelly same House, Office,land 04 02 05
14 Patrick Brankan same land 08 01 20
15 Francis Lowe Michael Crossey land 12 02 04
15a Michael Crossey Marquis of Hertford House, Garden 00 02 00
16a William Creany same House, Offices, land 16 02 00
16b John Neill William Creany House, Small Garden
17a Thomas Culbert Marquis of Hertford House and land 10 00 31
17b William Culbert Thomas Culbert House and Office
18 James Farr Marquis of Hertford House,Office,land 15 02 04
19 same same same 02 00 02
20 John Neill,jun. Marquis of Hertford House, Office, land 09 03 01
21 Thomas Patterson same House, Office, land 20 03 10
22A same same same 03 02 24
22B same same same 07 03 27
22Ba Anne Gatenby Thomas Patterson House, Garden 00 00 32
23 William J. Crossen Marquis of Hertford House, Office, land 01 03 32
24Aa same same same 04 02 15
24B same same same 01 03 12
25 John Neill, sen. William J. Crossan land 01 00 37
26 John Brien Marquis of Hertford land 04 00 25
27 John Farr same House, Office, land 08 01 29
28 same same same 02 02 33
29A John Crossey same land 04 00 04
James Crossey same same same
William Crossey same same same
29B same same same 05 00 36
30A Mary Patterson same land 21 01 10
30B same same same 06 01 38
30Ab James Totter Mary Patterson House
30c Henry Brankan same House
30d Martha Fisher same House
31 Edward Crossey Marquis of Hertford House,Office,land 03 00 34
30Aa same Marquis of Hertford same 00 00 35
32A Joseph Marshall same House,Offices,land 11 02 23
32B same same same 06 02 17
33 same same same 04 03 31
34 same same same 15 02 27
32Ba Henry Marshall Joseph Marshall House
32 B b Richard Patterson same House
33a Margaret McKeever same House and Garden 00 03 06
35a Francis Marshall Marquis of Hertford House and land 00 03 01
35b John White same House and land same
36a Francis Marshall same House and land 05 02 27
36b Ellen Lennon Francis Marshall House
37a William Wilkinson same House, Office,land 04 03 05
37b same same same 01 01 12
37c same same same 07 00 08
37d same same same 01 01 00
38a Thomas Hickland same House,Office,land 09 02 30
38b same same Houes,Office,land 03 01 24
39A George Patterson Marquis of Hertford House,Office,land 08 03 00
39BAa Hungerford Patterson same House,Office,land 01 03 32
39CAb same same same 00 01 31
39D same same same 02 03 23
39Ac Samuel Aggie same House,Garden 00 00 30
38Ba unoccupied George Patterson House
40A John Cormican Marquis of Hertford House,land 03 00 14
40B same same same 02 00 02
39Ad same same same 00 00 20
41 Thomas Neill same House,Office,land 13 03 04
42a same same same 00 02 10
42b Maurice Neill same House,Office,land 09 02 32
43Aa Bernard Lappan same House,Office,Land 01 03 32
43B same same same 04 01 25
44 Samuel Thompson same House,forge,off,land 07 02 08
45 John Addison same land 04 02 38
46 Marquis of Hertford in fee land 08 01 10
47 water 40 02 00
Total of rateable property     544 01 06
Exemptions: Moravian Chapel    
Total including exemptions     544 01 06

Tenders for Erection of Labourers Cottages

The following extract is from The Lisburn Standard – Saturday June 20th 1903

Lisburn Rural District Council
To Builders.

The Lisburn Rural District Council will, at their meeting on Tuesday, 14th July next, at the hour of half-past ten o’clock a.m., consider Tenders for the Erection of Labourers Cottages, as follows: Four cottages in the town land of Ballynadolly (Mr. J. Milliken’s land); four cottages in the town land of Glenavy (Mr. M. Armstrong’s land), two cottages in contractor (Mr. S. Green’s land_; one cottage in Ballyvannon (Mr. J. Craney’s land), the work to be done in accordance with the plans and specifications prepared by Mr. James Hunter, C.E., and which can be inspected at this Office, or at Mr. Hunter’s residence, Beechwood, Ballymacash, Lisburn. The work must be carried out to the satisfaction of the Architect, and he houses completed and ready for occupation before 1st November next. Contractors when Tendering should state plainly in their Tender which of the Cottages they are tendering for, and the lowest sums for which they are willing to do the work.

Tenders containing the names of two solvent Sureties who are willing to enter into a bond for the due performance of the Contract will be received by me up to the hour of Twelve o’clock noon on Saturday, 11th July next.

The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. No tender will be received after the hour appointed in this notice.

(By order)
William Sinclair, Clerk of the Council. Poor law offices, Lisburn.

McAreavy Family Photos

The following photographs appear with permission of Carol Appleyard. Carol can be contacted at

Father John McAreavy

Father John McAreavy

Father John McAreavey was the great uncle of Carol Appleyard. He was born of elderly parents in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia, on 7 Mar 1915 and died in Adelaide on 25 Mar 1975 aged 60. He entered the Jesuits on 10 Mar 1934 and was ordained a priest on 3 Jan 1948.

Father John McAreavey mostly taught in schools – Latin, Greek, Classics, Ancient History and Biology. His longstanding history in Australian ants matured in the 1950s while teaching at Xavier College in Melbourne. He published articles, made a catalogue of Australian ants, built up a considerable collection which was later given to the CSIRO in Canberra. He died suddenly in his sleep from a coronary occlusion. His work is still being referred to by entomologists

Ellen McAreavy nee Wightman 1845 - 1932

Ellen McAreavy nee Wightman 1845 – 1932

Ellen McAreavey the mother of Jane Courtney (nee McAreavy). She came from the Mournes area and her father David was a miner.

Letting of Lands

The following is from The Ulster Star dated 25th February 1961 and appears with permission of the Ulster Star.

Ballyvannen, Roses Lane Ends
Letting of Lands

I am instructed by Mr. John McCambridge to Let by auction on the lands on Thursday 2nd March at 4 o’clock p.m.

13 acres lea (Eligible) for labour – in lots.
9 acres grazing
2 acres 2nd crop cutting
Terms – Usual Land Credit

David Mairs,
Auctioneer and Valuer,
2 Bridge Street, Lisburn
Telephone: Lisburn 3128

Glenavy Cardwell and 40 Shades of Green

Glenavy Cardwell and 40 Shades of Green published in The Antrim Guardian, 27 November 2014

Glenavy Cardwell and 40 Shades of Green published in The Antrim Guardian, 27 November 2014

Almost two hundred years ago James Green from the parish of Ballinderry, County Antrim married Nancy Cardwell in her native parish of Glenavy. That was in September 1817 in the new parish church building in Glenavy village which had been the resting place to many of the Cardwell ancestors, from at least the early 18 th century.

A lack of records and scant details of those that survive from this period inhibit the researcher when attempting to establish the exact origin of the bride and groom on this occasion.

An American biographer, R.H.W. Peterson, compiled a sketch of James Green and his family and he informs the reader that James was the son of a Methodist minister called John and his wife Lizzie, born on 8th January, 1791. At the age of 19 he had lost both parents and in 1822 he and his wife left these shores for America, arriving in New York after 86 days at sea.

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