Ballytromery Townland, Camlin

Statistical Account of Parochial Survey of Ireland

The following is an extract from the "Statistical Account or Parochial Survey of Ireland – Parishes of Glenavy, Camlin & Tullyrusk" by the Rev. Edward Cupples.

The union has produced three authors, sons of the Rev. Thomas Crawford, (these gentlemen were born in the townland of Ballytromery, in the Parish of Camlin) the venerable and respected dissenting minister of Crumlin for 58 years, by his wife Anne McCay, sister to the mother of Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, authoress of "The Modern Philosophers," and other celebrated works. The eldest son, Dr. William Crawford, was a man of considerable learning and great application. About the year 1769 he published remarks on Chesterfield’s letters, which gained him much reputation as a sound moralist, and good critic; and in some of the colleges, particularly Oxford, was put into the hands of the students as an antidote to the poison contained in that profligate work. In 1773 he published a translation of Turretine’s Dissertation on Natural Theology, in two volumes. About the year 1780 he published a short History of Ireland, in letters. He died minister of the Presbyterian congregation in Hollywood, in 1801. His life was not only blameless, but actively employed in doing good. John Crawford, the second son, was a surgeon in the service of the East India Company for many years. In an essay, dedicated to Sir George Colebrooke in the year 1769, he details the success of his practice, by the employment of mercury, which has since been generally adopted, and almost considered as a panacea in the liver complaints of that country. He died in the year 1813, at Baltimore, in America. The third son, Adair Crawford, was bred a physician, and practised in London. Few men during his short life, acquired more celebrity. He published an Experimental Essay on Animal Heat, which attracted the attention of all the philosophers of Europe, and has been translated into many of the modern languages. He published beside, in the transactions of the Royal Society, of which he was a member, an explanation of the power in animals to resist very high degrees of heat, written in consequence of the well-known experiments made by Doctors Fordyee and Solander, in a heated room; an Essay on the Matter of Cancer; and another on the medical Effects of Muriate of Barytes. Besides these he left a posthumous work, and experimental inquiry into the nature of the cohesion of the animal fibre; which will be immediately published by his younger and surviving brother, Doctor Alexander Crawford, an eminent physician at Lisburn. This ingenious, learned, and amiable man died of a consumption, occasioned by intense application to his literary and professional pursuits at Lymington, in Hampshire, in the year 1795.

Freehold Registration

The following extract is from the Belfast Newsletter dated Tuesday 29th September, 1829 and is reproduced with permission of the Belfast News Letter.

County of Antrim

List of persons applying to Register their Freeholds at the next General Quarter Session of the Peace, to be held at Antrim, for the Division of Ballymena, pursuant to the Act of 10th George the Fourth, Cap.8, entered by the Clerk of the Peace.

No: 13

Name and Residence of Applicant: John Bell, Ballytromery
Description of Freehold: House and lands Ballytromery
Yearly Value to be registered: £10


Name and Residence of Applicant: Robert Bell, Crumlin
Description of Freehold: House and lands, Ballytromery & Ballygortgan
Yearly Value to be registered: £20

Free Presbyterian (Non-subscribing) Church

The following can be found in the book "Buildings of County Antrim by C.E.B. Brett published in 1996." page 52, no 46. Includes a photograph by M. O’Connell.

First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, Crumlin. Situated south of Main Street, Crumlin. Town land – Ballytromery.

Presbyterian Church, Crumlin

The following can be found in the book "Buildings of County Antrim by C.E.B. Brett published in 1996." page 54, no 48. Includes a photograph by M. O’Connell.

Presbyterian Church, Crumlin. Situated North of Main Street, Crumlin. Town land – Ballytromery.

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