Cluntirriff Townland, Ballinderry

Johnston v Sefton

The following is an extract from The Lisburn Standard dated Saturday, March 9th 1889

Johnston v Sefton

This was an ejectment brought by Mr. Edward Johnston, Clontariff, against Francis Sefton, of Ballymaclose, to obtain possession of a house and premises under 23 and 24 Vic.

Mr. Williamson appeared for the complainant, and Mr. G.B. Wilkins for the defendant.

The complainant having been examined and cross examined.

Mr. Wilkins argued that the agreement produced was obtained by fraud and misrepresentation; and even if it was a genuine document, the landlord, bu his conduct toward the property mentioned in the agreement, had created a new tenancy, and put himself outside the Act. He further contended that the agreement was an illegal document, and had nor been properly stamped, and asked the magistrates to dismiss the case.

Mr. Williamson replied, and maintained that his client was properly before the Court in every respect, and pressed for a decree.

The Magistrates dismissed the case.

The following is an extract from the Lisburn Standard dated 13th April 1889

Sefton v Johnston.

Francis Sefton of Ballymaclose, sued Edward Johnston of Clontarriff, for that the defendant, on divers days and times in the years 1887 and 1888, entered upon certain lands in the possession of the plaintiff and broke the soil and surface thereof, and took possession of certain property of the plaintiff’s, and converted same to his own use.

Mr. Wilkins appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Young for the defendant. When the case was called for hearing, it was stated that the parties were having the case arbitrated upon just then, and it was afterwards announced that the action was settled by the defendant paying to the plaintiff the sum of £3 5s.

Clontarriff House

The following can be found in the book "Buildings of County Antrim by C.E.B. Brett published in 1996." page 169, no 143. Includes a photograph by M. O’Connell.

Clontarriff House, Upper Ballinderry. Situated at Clontarriff Road, Upper Ballinderry. Town land – Cluntirriff.

Middle Church

The following can be found in the book "Buildings of County Antrim by C.E.B. Brett published in 1996." page 30, no 25. Includes a photograph by M. O’Connell.

Middle Church, Ballinderry. Church of Ireland. Situated off road from Upper to Lower Ballinderry. Town land – Cluntirriff.

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