Shops – Camlin

Thom’s Almanac & Official Directory — 1845

The following is an extract from 1845 Thom’s Almanac & Official Directory

Post Offices in Ireland

Crumlin, County Antrim – James Campbell, Postmaster

Can grant and pay Money orders.

Distance from Dublin 100 miles
Dublin Mail arrives 7.17 a.m.
Dublin Mail despatched 5.05 p.m.

In the 1855 Directory the post mistress is listed as Jane Campbell. The Dublin Mail arrived then at 5.37 a.m. and was despatched at 6.13 p.m.

Pakenham Arms Hotel & Railway Hotel

Pakenham Arms Hotel & Railway Hotel, receipt

Pakenham Arms Hotel & Railway Hotel, receipt 1934

Wilson receipt dated 1934

This bill is from the Pakenham Arms Hotel and Railway Hotel, Crumlin. The proprietor was Robert Wilson. The bill is dated June 1934 and is for the hire of motors for a wedding. The bill was paid on 20th June 1934.

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