Schools – Glenavy Parish

Schoolmaster Wanted

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated September 26th 1843 and appears with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.

A Schoolmaster Wanted on the first of November

Who is competent to teach English grammatically. There is an endowment of £10 a year, a free House and Garden, and the prospect of a large School – To an efficient Teacher it would become a comfortable situation. Apply to the Rev. D. Bell, Lisnagarvy, Glenavy.

St Aidan’s Secondary Intermediate School

This school was formally opened on 27th September, 1960. It was extended in 1975. In 1977 the school was known as St Aidan’s High School. The school closed on Friday 26th June 1992. A full history of this school has been compiled and is available in a publication titled "Memories of St Aidan’s High School, Glenavy."

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