Crumlin Academy


The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated 17th July 1810 and is reproduced here by permission of the Belfast News Letter

Crumlin Academy

Vacation ends, and the Classes open on Friday 20th July at ten o’clock.

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated 25th December 1810 and is reproduced here by permission of the Belfast News Letter


Premiums and certificates were adjudged as follows:

Charles Gaussen, Ballyronan Christian Morality, Composition, Elocution, English, Parsing, Roman History

William Graham, Antrim – Coposition, Euclid, Mensuration, Algebra, Frence, English, Arithmetic

Thomas Cuppage, Silverwood – Greek, Latin, Spelling, Parsing, Writing

William Huggins, Ivy- Lodge – Christian Morality, Greek, Latin, French, English

Adam Stevenson, Glynn – Geography, Astronomy, Parsing, Euclid, Writing

James Huggins, Ivy-Lodge – Christian Morality, Book-keeping, Elocution

Thomas Usher McDonald, Crumlin – Latin, French, Spelling

Ralph Stewarr, Lisburn – Euclid, Parsing, Trigonometry

Robert Slaon, Dromore – Parsing, English, Writing

Robert Hutcheson, Colerain – Geography and Astronomy

William Fitzgerald, Glenavy – Writing, Reading

D.R. Patton, Tandragee – Arithmetic, Elocution

William Agnew, Crumlin – English, Arithmetic

Thomas Andrews, Comber – French Spelling

John Lenery, Antrim Militia, Aughnacloy – Geography, Astronomy, Latin

Samuel Murphy, Fatherland – E. History, Spelling

James McConnell, Soldiers town – English, Writing

F.W. Macauley, Glenoak – Writing, English

Charles Leathem, Crumlin – English, Spelling

A. Cuppage, Tamnamore – Elocution

Wm Montgomery, Crumlin – Arithmetic

Thomas Huggins, Ivy – Lodge – English

A.J. Mc Crory, Castle Dawson – Arithmetic

A. Swiney, Dunfanaghy – Writing

A. Crawford, Castle Dawson – E. History

John White, Donaghadee – Writing

Robert Magenis, Ann’s-vale – Arithmetic

Vacation ends on Monday 21st January, 1811

Book Extract

The following is an extract from the "Statistical Account or Parochial Survey of Ireland – Parishes of Glenavy, Camlin & Tullyrusk" by the Rev. Edward Cupples.

Classical Schools

There is an academy at Crumlin for boarders and day-scholars, under the superintendence of the Rev. N. Alexander, assisted by ushers, which is conducted with care and ability. The course of education comprises the Greek, Latin, English, and French languages, Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography, Logic, History, Christian Morality and Evidences, Writing and Arithmetic. A classical school is taught in Glenavy, by Mr. Daniel Mc.Allister; in which the rate of tuition is 16s 3d per quarter. The contiguity of these schools enables the wealthier classes to give their children a liberal education; and has been the occasion of many farmers sending their sons to college, and placing them in learnes professions.


The following extract is from The Belfast NewsLetter dated Tuesday 31st December 1816 and is reproduced by kind permission by The Belfast NewsLetter.

VACATION will close Tomorrow, and Mr. K. requests that his Pupils will not fail to attend on that day. December 25th


Premiums and Certificates were adjudged as follows:-

Samuel Twigg, Dungannon – Greek, Latin, French, Parsing, Geography, and Astronomy, Mathematics and Roman History

Robert Andrews, Comber – Christian Mor and Evid. Mathematics, Elocution, Grecian History, French and English Reading

Andrew Lindsay, Maghera – Elocution, Book-keeping, Arithmetic, Writing, Reading and parsing

Wm. Sturrock, Caherkin – Roman History, Writing, Arithmetic, Composition, Geography & Astronomy

Joseph Brown, Clare, Co. Down – Writing, Arithmetic, Book keeping, Geography, and Astronomy

Stephenson Hunter, Killed – Greek, Latin, Writing, and Parsing

Joseph Andrews, Comber – Latin, Writing, Arithmetic, Parsing, and Reading

James Higginson, Glenville – French, Reading & Aritmetic

James Browne, Warrington – Elocution, Parsing

John Henderson, Ballymena – Spelling and arithmetic

Daniel Bell, Aghandarah – Spelling and arithmetic

George Mason, Dublin – Roman History and Parsing

George Leathem, Crumlin – Spelling and reading

Edward McDonald, Crumlin – Spelling and composition

Edward Dickey, Randallstown – Arithmetic and Latin

David Downing, Belfast – Elocution and Writing

James Forsythe, Glenavy – Latin

John Oakman, Crumlin – Spelling

Chas. Armstrong, Cherry – Vale – Writing

Thomas Leathem, Crumlin – Spelling

Lee Dickson, Armagh – Reading

Thomas McMaster, Belfast – Writing

William Johnson, Glenavy – Reading

Percy McMaster, Armagh – Arithmetic

Vacation being commenced on the 20th December will end 20th January next.


The following extract is from the Belfast Newsletter dated Tuesday 21st December 1830. Thanks to the Belfast Newsletter for granting permission to use the extract.

Crumlin Academy
Christmas Examinations

Premiums were adjudged as follows:

James Bankhead, Belfast – Greek, Latin, French, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Spelling, Parsing, English History, Roman History, French History, English into French, Extompore, English Elocution, Christian Morality and Evidences.

W. St. L. Trotter, Greenwood – Latin, French, Reading, Writing, English Elocution, French Elocution, Christian Morality and Evidences.

Joseph Caldbeck, Lisburn – Latin, Greek, French, Geography, Arithmetic.

Wm. Caldbeck, Lisburn – Hebrew, Arithmetic, Grecian History, Roman History, Christian Morality and Evidences

George Davison, Knockboy – Geography, English History, Grecian History, Arithmetic, Parsing

Wm. Logan, Knowhead – Greek, Spelling, Geography, Roman History

John Logan, Knowhead – Geography, Reading, French Elocution, English Elocution

James Park, Ballynure – Writing, Arithmetic, English History, Construction of Maps

Thos. Trotter, Greenwood – Mathematics, Geography, Arithmetic

Henry Neilson, Glenavy – French, Arithmetic

Thomas Caldbeck, Lisburn – Latin, Reading, Arithmetic

James Gore, Goremount – Writing, Arithmetic, Parsing

George Whitla, Gobrana – Spelling, English Elocution

James Gillespie, Killead – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

John Irvin, Unigall – Writing, Greek

Alex. Boyd, Dublin – English History, Greek

William Whitla, Gobrana – Arithmetic, Parsing

James Hunter, Dunmurry – Spelling, English Elocution

Arthur Allen, Breckanhill – Spelling, Arithmetic

William Gillespie, Killead – Writing, Parsing

Wm. Forsythe, Ballynure – English History

Edward O’Bryen Pratt, Donagh Glebe – Reading, Greek

Thomas Gore, Goremount – Latin

Samuel Boyd, Dublin – Writing, English Elocution

Charles Agnew, Larne – Writing

Alexander Park, Ballynure – Writing

John Manderson, Ballyclan – Spelling

N.B. Vacation will end on the 20th January 1831

Crumlin Academy

Extract from GLENAVY : PAST AND PRESENT. Compiled by CHARLES WATSON, M.A., B.D., T.C.D. Vicar of the Union, 1892

Crumlin possessed in 1810 an excellent classical academy for boarders and day scholars. The Rev. Nathaniel Alexander, Presbyterian minister, assisted by a staff of ushers, carried it on in the fine house occupied at present by Mrs. Whitfield. The Rev. E. Cupples states that it was managed with great care and ability.

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