Magheragall Parish Church Headstones

Ordnance Survey Memoirs

The following extract is from "Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland – Parishes of County Antrim VII 1832 – 1838". Thanks to The Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast for permission to use this extract.

Magheragall Churchyard.

In the churchyard stand several handsome raised tombs and neat headstones. At the east gable of the church stands 3 raised tombs erected to the following persons: (1) To Robert Redman of Springfield, Esquire, who died 1788 aged 68 years; (2) To James Watson of Brookhill, Esquire, who died 1772 aged 77 years; (3) To Elizabeth Boyes, wife of James Boyes Esquire, who died 1794 aged 62 years, and their respective families.

The following embrace the principal names and surnames on family tombs. Male names: Alexander, Edward, George, James, John, Joseph, Hugh, Henery, Thomas, William, Patrick, Robert, Richard.

Female names: Allice, Ann, Barbara, Elizabeth, Isabella, Mary-Ann, Maudlin, Mary, Jane, Sarah,Margaret, Elenor.

Surnames: Adair, Beshaw, Brown, Ballentine,Campbell, Crossey, Clark, McCollom, McDonnell, Dawson, Ewart, Fisher, Garrett, Younghusband, Greer, Higginson, Higgins, Heaveron, Horner, Johnston, Larmor, Mears, McMurlin, McNaught, McKinstrey, Singleton, Rogers, Thompson, Whitla, Wear, Watson, Wakefield. Several stones not legible and several families not having tombs or headstones. The oldest legible stone in the yard is 1713.

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