St Catherine’s Parish Church

Presentation to the Rev Mr Mockler

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated Monday 21st January 1861 and is reproduced with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.

The Parish of Killed – a few days ago the congregation of Killead Church presented their pastor, The Rev. Mr. Mockler, with a gown cassock and other pulpit appendages, as a token of their high estimation of his very many excellent qualities as a gentlemen and a clergyman. This is not the only proof of appreciation that awaits his acceptance, as a testimonial of a far more substantial kind is being carried out throughout the parish as an acknowledgement of his zeal and untiring energy during the illness and after the death of the late rector, and the vacancy consequent to the appointment of a successor. Mr. Mockler, ever ready to meet the calls of the sick and necessitous, has endeared himself to the affectionate regards of all in the parish. Mr. Mockler is the senior curate in the diocese of Connor (being ordained twenty-three years ago), and as such, in addition to a numerous and interesting family, he has strong claims, which we hope will not be overlooked by the bishop of the united diocese – Communicated.

Book – About Killead and Gartree

About Killead and Gartree

“About Killead and Gartree”
by Mrs M.E. Irvine
published in 2003

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