St Joseph’s RC Church Graveyard Map

The map of the graveyard has been hand-drawn and is not to scale. The areas are marked and referred to in this map in order to cross reference the location of the headstones and has not been taken from any existing church records/graveyard map.

This map is independent of any church records.

St Joseph's Graveyard Map

St Joseph’s Graveyard Map

Headstone Transcriptions

I have endeavoured to transcribe all the headstones in the graveyard – please see St Joseph’s Church Burials. Some of the headstones have fallen and are presently unreadable. Due to age and weathering some of the inscriptions are incomplete.

Please note: headstone transcriptions and other burial information has been provided for those interested in researching family history. This information is not to be copied and used for commercial exploitation and purposes.

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