St Andrew’s, Tunny

Glenavy Total Abstinence Society

The following extract is from the Belfast Newsletter dated 3rd February 1864 and appears with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.

Glenavy Total Abstinence Society – On Thursday evening inst., a most successful meeting of this society was held in church at Femore – the Rev. E.J. Smythe, Vicar of the parish and president of the society, in the chair. The Chairman, Master William J. Smythe, Rev. Francis Cooper, and Mr. Pyper, from the Irish Temperance League, severally addresses the meeting. A resolution in favor of the Permissive Bill, to be introduced into Parliament during the ensuing Session, was proposed by Mr. Joseph English, of Crumlin, seconded by Mr. Jonathan Peel, of Lakeview, and unanimously agreed to. At the close of the proceedings eighteen new members joined the society. On the following evening, Friday, the 29th January, another meeting of the society was held in the Fourscore Schoolroom, near Knock cairn – the Rev. E.J. Smythe, Vicar, in the chair. After a short address from the Rev. Mr. Cooper, Mr. Pyper delivered a most convincing lecture. Eight new members added their names to the register on this occasion. A resolution in favor of the Permissive Bill was proposed by the Rev. J. Cooper, seconded by Master William Johnston Smythe, and unanimously adopted. – Corr.

Church History

The following is an extract from the 1961 Rural Deanery publication.

The other Church in the Parish is St. Andrew’s, Tunny, on the shores of Lough Neagh, almost five miles from Glenavy. It was dedicated as a chapel-of-ease and opened for worship on 25th March, 1855. Improvements in 1893 included the addition of a chancel, lancet windows and a heating system. For the, centenary celebrations in 1955 the church was completely renovated and. redecorated within and without, a calor gas lighting system installed, windows replaced and many gifts presented. The erection of a bell-tower over the porch and vestry marked the most striking change in the appearance of the church.The bell was a gift from Castle Connell Parish from the disused church at O’Brien’s Bridge, Co. Limerick, Diocese of Killaloe.

Gleanings from Glenavy Parish

The following is an extract from "Gleanings from Glenavy Parish" by Jean Totten.

St. Andrew’s Tunny

St. Andrew’s Tunny was built in 1854, although one report states it was opened for worship in 1857. It was consecrated on Monday the 31st of July 1893 at 2.45 p.m.

The building cost £209, and was rather plain when first erected. However, over the years it has greatly been improved. The Report of 1883 states: ‘Feumore Church has been put into a complete state of repair. The church has been entirely re-seated in the new, and the house all finished in the best way. Sir. Richard Wallace liberally subscribed towards the funds for this purpose the sum of £30.’

In 1893 this is recorded: ‘The contemplated improvements at Feumore have been successfully carried out. The changes made comprise the addition of a chancel, fifteen feet long, in which the choir and the harmonium have been placed with all the necessary furniture, the insertion of lancet windows with tinted glass, the enlargement of the porch, new entrance gates and lamps.’

From the 1904 Report we learn that ‘St. Andrew’s Church, Feumore, kept its fiftieth anniversary last year and in commemoration of this milestone a very handsome marble and caen stone font was placed in the aisle of the church with a suitable inscription. The members of the Bible Class very quickly raised the money to purchase the font.’

Annual Report

The following is an extract from the Parish of Glenavy Annual Report for 1970:

St. Andrew’s: On Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday, 18th October, the Lord Bishop of Cashel, Emly, Waterford, and Lismore, the Rt. Rev. J.W. Armstrong, B.D., dedicated the entire interior renovation of the Church and the new doors of the porch. With the exception of the making and hanging of the doors, the entire work was carried out voluntarily by some member of the congregation led by Mr. R. Yarr and Mr. Jim Totten. Funds have been raised by direct giving at the usual special services and by a further afternoon and evening on Ram’s Island. It is hoped to undertake exterior renovation as soon as possible.

Special Service

The following is an extract from The Lisburn Herald Saturday October 31st 1942

St. Andrew’s Church, Glenavy
Completely Restored

A special service was held in St. Andrew’s Church (Glenavy Parish), Tunny, on Sunday evg., 18th inst. Following complete renovation of the building. The preacher was Canon J S Taylor, MA, rector of Lisburn Cathedral, and a congregation of 120 people attended, filling the small church to capacity.

At the conclusion of an impressive sermon on thanksgiving for another harvest, Canon Taylor impressed on the congregation the necessity of giving not only their money but themselves to the service of the Kingdom of God.

The offertory, which was in aid of the renovation fund, realised the creditable sum of £34 10s, which, together with collections made by Mr D Johnston, brought the total for this object up to £66.

The Vicar (Rev W J Chambers) is most grateful to the generous subscribers and especially to Mr D Mairs, JP, Mr D Johnston, Mr Mayes and Mr S Buchanan, JP, Roses Lane Ends, who never fail to help any good cause.

Church Dedication Service at St Andrew’s, Tunny, 1955

Clergy who attended the dedication service at St Andrew's Church, Glenavy

Clergy who attended the dedication service at St Andrew’s Church, Glenavy.
Fourth from left is the Rt. Rev. Charles King Irwin, Bishop of Connor, and on his right the vicar of the parish, the Rev. A.J.E. Campbell, M.A. The Bishop of Killaloe, the Rt Rev. R.G. Perdue, D.D., is second from the right.
Photograph from The Belfast Newsletter 4th October 1955 with permission of The Belfast Newsletter.

St Andrew's church with the bell tower

St Andrew’s church with the bell tower which was erected to support the bell presented from the disues church in Co. Limerick. Photograph from The Belfast Newsletter 4th October 1955 with permission of The Belfast Newsletter.

The following is from the Belfast Newsletter dated 4th October 1955.

Dedication of Glenavy Church.

The congregation of St. Andrew’s Church, Tunny in the parish of Glenavy, County Antrim, are celebrating the centenary of the erection of their church and the achieving of a number of improvements. The improvements are the erection of a bell tower, the bell being a gift from Castle Connell Parish from the disused church of O’Brien’s Bridge, County Limerick; the installation of a two manual organ, a gas lighting system and the replacement of windows.

At the service of dedication the sermon was preached by the Rt. Rev. R.G. Perdue, D.D., Bishop of Killaloe, from whose parish the bell came. The gifts were dedicated by the Rt. Rev. C.K. Irwin, D.D., Bishop of Connor.

The vicar, the Rev.A.J.E. Campbell, and the curate, the Rev. E.H. Gough, took part in the service.

The church was erected during the incumbency of the Rev. E. Johnsron-Smyth at a cost of £209, and was opened in March 1855. Improvements in 1893 under the Rev. Charles Watson, included the addition of a chancel, the insertion of lancet windows, a heating system and new entrabce gates at a cost of £176.

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