Templecormac Burial Ground

Headstone Transcriptions

The following surnames are to be found on the headstones in this graveyard. Some of them have been transcribed.


The following is provided for those interested in researching family history.
The information is not to be copied and used for commercial exploitation and purposes.

A. Addis 1908
W. Baskin
Erected by William Branagh in loving memory of his beloved wife Margaret who died 5th December 1947 aged ?70? Years, also their beloved daughter Margaret Victoria Tear who died 11th August, 1935 aged 34 years, William James (Sen) who died 13th May 1960 aged 83 years. William James (jun) who died 5th May 1983 aged 78 years. The day Thou gavest Lord is ended.

Notes: William James and Margaret Brankin lived at Brackenhill town land (1911). He was a road surface man. They were married abt. 1869 and had 3 children.

William and Margaret Branagh and their children – Margaret Victoria and William James Branagh were residing at Tate’s Avenue, Belfast in 1911. William was a tramway labourer. Margaret, his wife had been born in County Cavan. They were married abt 1901.

In loving memory of Margaret Branagh, who departed this life 1st December, 1897 aged 75 years. William Branagh who departed this life 18th June 1901 aged 80 years. Erected by Adam Branagh their son.
Erected by Thomas Brown of Ballinderry to the memory of his grandfather, William Crawford who departed this life 15th June 1827 aged 60 years, also his grandmother Elizabeth Crawford who departed this life 10th March 1844 aged 76 years.
(Blank – attempt at the name Eliza made?) on the 22nd July 1861 aged 70 years.
To the memory of William Clarke who departed this life on the 19th December, 1875 aged 59 years also Mary Clarke wife of the above William Clarke who departed this life on the 12th day of January 1888 aged 76 years. Bought with a price.
All the days of my appointed time will await till my change come.
Thou shalt call and I will answer thee
Thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine hands. Job XIV 14.15
Erected by Saml. Melville Clarke 1928
In loving memory of my father and mother Samuel and Martha Melville also their grandson Robert Clarke also our dear mother Mary Melville Clarke died 8th June 1942 also our dear sister Mary Melville Rossborough died 20th June 1942.
Erected by Jane Collins in the memory of her beloved husband William Collins who departed this life in the blessed hope of a glorious immortality through our Lord Jesus Christ on the 19th of January 1938 aged 49 years.
Green, Quails Wood
Erected by Margaret Hatton in loving memory of her husband William Charley Hatton died 13th July 1926 aged 70 years.

Notes: The Hatton family resided in Ballyscolly in 1911. William aged 55 years was a farmer. His wife was Margaret aged 55 years, children Jane F aged 19 and Edward Wakefield aged 16 years. They were recorded as Wesleyan Methodists.

Erected by Philip Hatton who departed this life 26th June 1854 aged 53 years also his wife Jane Hatton who departed this life 4th March 1855 aged 49 years.

We leave thee but there is a promise,
To dying mortality given
To meet in a place where friends all white
A home prepared for the righteous in heaven.
Erected in memory of George Higginson who departed this life on the 21st day of July 1900 and his wife Eliza Ann who departed this life on the 30th day of November, 1899.
Erected by Thomas Hunter in memory of his beloved wife Charlotte Hunter who died 20th August 1876 aged 60 years and his four children Eliza, Robert, James Alexander and Dorothy Jane also the above named James Hunter who died 1st October 1899 aged 76 years.
The burial place of Issac Hunter, Ballinderry, 1906

Notes: The following is an extract from a newspaper, source unknown.

Hunter – October 10, 1941, at her residence, Ballynadolly, Stoneyford (late of 74 Brookmount Street, Belfast), Sarah Ann, widow of Isaac Hunter. Her remains will be removed from Ballynadolly on Monday 13th inst., at 2.30pm to Templecormick Burying Ground. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing Son and Daughter, Victor and Eileen Hunter; also her daughter and son-in-law, Isabell and William Campbell, and Grandchildren, Ballynadolly, Stoneyford; also her Daughter and Son-in-law, Sarah J. and Samuel Harris and grandchildren, Templecormick; also her daugher and son-in-law Agnes and Robert Sterling, 78 Brookmount Street; also her son and daughter-in-law William and Maggie Hunter and grandchildren 113 cambria Street; also her daughter-in-law and grandchild, 15 Eastland Street; also her Son and daughter-in-law and grandchild 15 Eastland Street; also her SOn and Daughter-in-law Albert and fanny Hunter, and grandchildren, 91 Brookmount Street; also her son and daughter-in-law, festus and Dora Hunter, and grandchildren, 249 Cupar Street; also her daugher and son-in-law Edith and Matthew Quigley and grandson, Drumnaduff, Upper Ballinderry.

In loving memory of Rev. Wesley Kelly, minister of Partick Congregational Church, Glasgow, formerly of Thurso and Straide. Ordained 1880. Died 20th September 1905 aged 48 years.
Thomas Kelly his father died 1 May 1906 aged 83 years. Sarah Kelly his mother who died at Manitou, Canada on 6th October, 1909 aged 85 years and interred in Manitou Cemetery. Samuel his brother died 1868 aged 4 years.
Erected by his sorrowing mother and sister Carolina Laster.
Erected by David Keyland in memory of his mother Elizabeth Keyland who departed this life March 9th in the year of our Lord 1840 aged 72 years and also her daughter Mary Armstrong who departed this life 11th August 1868 age 61 years also her great grand daughter MEK (Lillie) Swarbrigg daughter of David Swarbrigg died 4th August 1900 aged 2 years. Robert Wilson Swarbrigg died in infancy.
Oh my the grave become to me the bed of peaceful rest.
Whence I shall gladly rise at length and mingle with the best.
Also Eliza Wilson daughter of Mary Armstrong died 20th Feb 1914 aged 79 years also Catherine Swarbrigg daughter of Eliza Wilson died 20th June 1932 aged 63 years, also Samuel Henry Swarbrigg eldest son of David and Catherine Swarbrigg died in London 15th Nov 188?(6?) 9 aged 69 years.
Erected by Ann McKeown in memory of her beloved husband Hugh Harrison McKeown who died 20th October, 1868 aged 57 years. He was a loving husband and tender father.
McLernon. In loving memory of Jeanie beloved wife of James McLernon who died 9th June, 1909 also their son Robert who died 31st March, 1925 also their infant daughters Sarah Jane and Annie. At rest.
Marsden. In loving memory of my dear parents Edward C died 17th Nov 1958, Elizabeth died 6th Jan 1974 also my grandparents James died 29th Dec 1956, Martha died 29th Dec 1945 also their children Lilly Boyd died 6th Feb 1925, Stanley died 2nd Jan 1924, Samuel died 2nd Aug 1966. Erected by Meta and Arthur.

Notes: The following is an extract from the Lisburn Herald, Saturday February 9th 1929.

In Memoriam

Boy – In sad and loving memory of our much loved daughter Mary Elizabeth (Lily) who departed this life on 6th February 1925 and was interred in Templecormac Burying Ground; also Frederick Stanley Marsden, who departed this life on 2nd January 1924, and was interred in Templecormac Burying ground.

Still sadly missed.

Inserted by their loving father and mother, James and Martha Marsden.

Massey. Treasured memories of our dear parents called home. Susannah. Robert James. Redeemed.
? William Maxwell in memory of his beloved wife Eleanor who died 2? th….aged ? 3 years
Maze. To the glory of God Sacred to the me died 27th May 1875 aged 86 years. Annie, his widow, daughter of James Proctor, died 1st October 1885 aged 85 years; also their son William, died 13th November, 1835 aged 23 years also their son John died 19th December 1883 aged 49 years. James died 7th September, 1908 aged 77 years. “To be with Christ is far better.”
To the glory of God, sacred to the memory of Jane Maze, died 4th August, 1783 aged 23 years, Hugh Maze died January 1859 aged 71 years. Annie, his widow died January 1868 aged 71 years and John Maze died May 1875 aged 73 (?8?) years.
Erected by William John Maze in memory of Hugh Maze, his father died January 1859 aged 71 years, Anne his mother died January 1868 aged 71 years, John Maze, his uncle died May 1875 aged 78 years.
Erected by Alexander Moor in memory of his wife Jane who departed this life on the 13th of February 1844 aged 74 years.
The family burying ground of W.J. Murphy died 17 September 1939.
Oakman. Erected by William John Oakman in loving memory of his wife ? who departed this life May 13th 1896 aged 73 years also the above William John Oakman died 15th May 1906 aged 84 years. Thomas Francis H. Oakman son of the above died 15th June 1911. Henrietta Oakman died 4th Dec 1916, Edward H. Oakman died 1st March 1924, Mary Oakman died 4th July 1935, Ruth grant died 24th Jan 1937.
Orr. In loving memory of our dear father William John Orr who departed this life 11th August 1924 also our dear mother Margaret who died 17th October, 1928.
Erected by Eliza Ann Peel in memory of her brother William Adams, died 25th August 1920 also her husband Jonathan Peel died 13th March 1929, Eliza Ann Peel died 11th March, 1933, Sarah Ann Blakely died 21st March 1934 aged 61 years, William Blakely died 23rd January 1958 aged 86 years, Martha Blakely died 5th January 1970 aged 58 years, Walter Blakely died 27th January 1971. Our dearly loved parents.
Erected by Archibald Scott of Hillsborough in memory of his father Alexander Scott who died the 19th day of August 1817 aged 53 (?) years also in memory of his mother Elizabeth Scott who died in February 1797 aged 31 years.
Few are thy days
And full of woe
Oh man of woman born
Thy doom is written dust thou
Art and shall to dust return
Behold an emblem of thy state
In flowers that bloom and die
Or in the shadows fleeting form
That mocks the gazing eye
Determin’d are the days that fly (?) ive o’er thy dead the numbered hour is on the wing
They lays be with the dead.
In memory of Susana the beloved wife of Isaac Taverner who departed this life 25th February 1875 aged 46 years.
Erected in loving memory of Charlotte Anne Thompson who died 24th August 1925 aged 56 years also Samuel James Thompson who died 5th December 1926 aged 50 years their daughter Sarah Elizabeth Thompson who died 21st March 1942. Asleep in Jesus.
The Thompson burying ground of the late Arthur Thompson Killultagh erected by Joseph Thompson
Erected to the memory of James Thompson of Crew who departed this life the 12th day of March A.D. 1851 aged 86 years also his wife Dorothea Thompson who departed this life the 13th day of February A.D. 1851 aged 82 years also his son James Thompson who departed this life the 10th of June A.D. 1844 aged 36 years. Also his son John Thompson who departed this life 12th November 1865 aged 69 years.
Also Samuel Thompson, son of the above John Thompson died 30th April 1897 aged 64 years. Elizabeth Mary Thompson died 18th August 1880 aged 6 years. David Alfred Thompson died 1st January 1900 aged 15 years. Margaret Thompson died 18th May 1915 aged 72 years.
Thompson, Killultagh.
Erected by the family in loving memory of our dear father Thomas 1876 to 1944, David T.J. infant son of Ena and John 1946 – 1947, also our dear mother Martha 1891 – 1971 also our dear sister Elizabeth Kathleen 1917 – 2003. Redeemed with the precious blood of Christ. 1st Peter 1.v. 18 & 19. Prepare to meet thy God. Amos 4. v 12
Thompson. In loving memory of John Nelson Thompson who died 6th March, 1948. His presence we miss, his memory we cherish.
In memory of Isabella Thompson died 15th July 1901. Frances J. Thompson died 29th December, 1902, John Thompson died 12th February 1918, Margaret Thompson died 22nd April 1938, Elizabeth Thompson died 16th March 1938 also Raymond William Gawley died 23rd December 1960 infant son of William and Mable Gawley.
White. Erected by Frances Jane White in loving memory of her husband Thomas White who died 11th November 1911 aged 76 years also their son William who died 3rd November, 1923. The above named Frances White who died 23rd March 1924 aged 88 years also their daughter Elizabeth White who died 1st December 1943 also their daughter Jane Frances White who died 25th November, 1951 also their daughter Harriett Taylor who died 4th October, 1956 also their daughter Margaret White who died 9th August, 1960.

Other information relating to burials with no apparent headstone.


The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated 11th January 1866 and appears with permission of the Belfast Newsletter.


Davidson – January 10, At Drumaduff, Upper Ballinderry, Samuel, youngest son of John Davidson aged 15 years, deeply regretted. His remains will be removed from the above address for interment in Templecormick Burying-ground, tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at two o’clock.


The following is an extract from the Lisburn Standard dated 31st December 1932.

In Memoriam
McLernon – In loving memory of our dear father who departed this life 29th December 1931; also our dear mother, who departed this life 30th March 1930. Both interred in Templecormac Burying-ground. Ever remembered by their Sons and Daughter.

Rights to Burial, Templecormac Graveyard

The following extract is from the Lisburn Standard and is dated 22 January 1910.

Lisburn Rural District
Templecormac Graveyard

The Lisburn Rural District Council having made arrangements for the mapping of the Templecormac Burial Ground, situate at Upper Ballinderry, Co. Antrim, do hereby request all persons claiming rights of burial therein, to meet the Local Committee at the graveyard on Saturday 22nd January or Saturday 29th January between the hours of ten o’clock am and three o’clock pm to prove their claims. All plots unclaimed after above dates will be allocated as the Council may direct.

A fee of two shillings and six pence (2/6) per claim will be charged to cover expenses of Mapping &c.

(By Order)
William Sinclair,
Clerk of the Council
Poor-Law Offices, Lisburn
13th January 1910.

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