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Gravestone Transcriptions


The following is provided for those interested in researching family history.

The information is not to be copied and used for commercial exploitation and purposes.

Notes relating to the older burials in the graveyard will be added and there is a section for information relating to burials where there appear to be no headstone. Extracts from local newspapers have been with the consent of the Belfast News Letter, Ulster Star, Belfast Telegraph and Irish News.

Apologies for any errors or omissions in the following text. Please do contact The Digger if you are aware of any and I will amend them accordingly. The transcriptions have been listed in alphabetical order.

The inscriptions were recorded early in September 2009.

Plaque on notice board of church:

In memory of David Steele.
29th March 1987

Headstones Transcriptions

Treasured memories of a devoted wife and much loved mother Margaret died 22nd October 1997 also her devoted husband and our much devoted husband and our much loved father John Alexander died 3rd June 2004. Cherished and loved Granny and Grandad.

Loves last gift remembrance.
In loving memory of our baby daughter Sarah 29th June 2008.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
In loving memory of our dear parents Eleanor Marie died 1st March 1947. John died 11th May 1969, also their daughter Nan died 21st January 1992 beloved wife of Sam Nelson and dear mother of Howard and Eleanor.

In memory of Robert died 1911, Sarah Jane died 1933, Robert died 1948, John died 1963, May died 1981.
In memory of our beloved parents Mabel Susannah Peel died 12th December 1940. Albert Edward died 8th July 1967 also their only beloved son William Mark Peel Blair died 23rd February 1999 and their beloved youngest daughter Ethel Martha Shaw Blair died 21st Dec 1999


Newspaper. Blair. December 12 1940 at her residence, The Grove, Ballinderry, Mabel, wife of Albert E. Blair. Funeral on Saturday at 2.30 to Ballinderry Presbyterian Church Burying Ground. House Private.

In loving memory of David Caldwell, died 15th August 1906 aged 70 years. His daughter Maggie died 14th April, 1904 aged 26 years. His son Hugh died 7th Jany 1885 aged 2 years. His beloved wife Agnes died 8th April 1927 aged 84 years.
Cherished memories of a loving husband and devoted father Robert John Beck Conn died 14th October 1994 also his much loved wife and our devoted mother Caroline Evelyn Conn died 8th February 2000.

Loves last gift remembrance.
Erected by Ellen Craig in the memory of her dear beloved husband Nathaniel Craig, who departed this life 17th September, 1861.
I know that my Redeemer liveth.
Dawson – Fleming

In loving memory of Mabel Susanna Peel Blair born 5th September 1924 – died 28th July 2008. A devoted and cherished wife, mother, nana and great grandma. The Lord is my Shepherd.

(flower holder)
She listened, she reached out with love, gentleness and compassion.
To all that came her way.
Cherished memories of George Girvin devoted husband and father died 11th December 1992 and Isabella much loved wife and mother died 4th July 2006.
In memory of Agnes Dawson born 23rd November 1827 died 24th February 1900. William Dawson born 12th October 1821, died 20th November 1901 also Jane Dawson, born 18th February, 1826, died 22nd October 1906, Mary Dawson born 5th April 1865, died 21st March 1911. Colin Brown Dawson, died 17th July 1921 aged 4 months. George Dawson born 8th June 1861 died 17th January 1943 and Edith Annette Winifred Dawson born 22nd September 1885 died 7th January 1984.


Newspaper –

Dawson – January 17, 1943, at his residence, 18 Marguerite Park, Finaghy, George, dearly – loved husband of Winifred Dawson (late of Ballymave, Lisburn). Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2pm to Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard. House Private. Deeply regretted.

Erected in loving memory of Edmund Thomas Downing who died 13th July 1957 also his beloved wife Sarah who died 4th August 1976.

Peace perfect peace.
In loving memory of William Downing died 15th April 1914 aged 42 years. Sarah J.W. Downing died 28th Feb 1939 aged 64 years.

The Lord is my Shepherd.
In loving memory of my dear son Thomas died 28th November 1977 also a devoted mother Agnes died 19th April 1991 in her 94th year and Rebecca (Ruby) dear wife of David died 4th March 2002. Erected by his loving mother. Baby Stephen Thomas died 19th January 1983.
In loving memory of a dear husband and father Samuel Norman Ferguson died 24th April 1985 aged 64 years also his much loved wife and our dear mother Mary Ferguson died 30th April 2001 aged 83 years.

Peace perfect peace.

In loving memory of a dear husband Maurice died 20th September 2001 aged 64 years.
Resting in heavenly peace.
In loving memory of William Fulton of Killultagh who died 25th June 1889 also his wife Susan Mary Fulton who died 11th January 1898.
In loving memory of William James Geddis. His wife Agnes, sons Nathaniel and Joshua, daughters Mary and Sarah.



Geddis. January 12 1940 at her residence, Derrykillultagh, Glenavy. Funeral on Sunday at 230 pm to Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard. Friends will please accept this intimation. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing family.

In loving memory of a beloved husband and father William James who died 24th May 1973 also a devoted wife and mother Anna Maria who died 9th February 2002 also their son Brian John who died 18th June 1998. Peace perfect peace.
Thomas died 11th January 1953 and his wife Margaret died 3rd May 1954.
Driver G. Green,
M.M. Royal Field Artillery
30th November 1918 age 33.
In midst of life we are in death.


The following information is from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and is utilised with their permission

GREEN Initials: G
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Driver
Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery
Unit: 71st Bty.
Age: 33
Date of Death: 30/11/1918
Service No: 99824
Awards: M M
Additional information: Son of Robert and Agnes Green.

In loving memory of my dear husband Thomas who died 22nd March 1965 also his wife Ruby Elizabeth who died 9th September 1981.
In loving memory of Lennox Geddis died 10 Jan 1891. Ellen, his wife died 26th June 1900. Mary Ann Hendren their niece died 7 May 1909.
Erected by Thomas Hull in memory of his wife Susan who departed this life July 25th 1904 aged 72 years also of the above named Thomas Hull who departed this life December 4th 1904 aged 88 years.
In remembrance of a beloved husband and father William died 9th May 2001 aged 83 years.
Thy will be done.
In loving memory of a dear husband and father William Martin died 6th December 1989.
In loving memory of Thomas 17 1 1922 – 20 7 1962 also our dear grand-daughter Deborah Greer 21 8 1971 – 28 8 1979
(Flower holder)
Isabella Kelley. 4th April 1992
Kelly –
In memory of Kelly.
Thomas Kelly of Magheragall who departed this life 3rd Feb 1874 aged 72 years also his wife Margaret Ann departed this life 12th July 1877 aged 74 years. Margaret Ann Kelly who died 15th June 1955 aged 78 years. Alice Jane Kelly who died 2nd Feb 1898 aged 50 years. William John Kelly who died 17th August 1910 aged 68 years.
Treasured memories of a beloved wife and mother Sally died 16th June 1993. Always in our thoughts.

(flower holder)
All our love to Granny from Chris and Laura.
In Memoriam.
Henry Kelso died 19th Jan 1915 aged 73 years also his wife Margaret Kelso died 28th Feby 1941 aged 88 years also their son Thomas Henry died 27th May 1901 aged 14 years also their eldest son Adam died 12th October, 1955 aged 74 years also their daughter Susanna Gillespie born 1885 died 1968. Molly, wife of George Kelso J.P. died 3rd June, 1973 aged 78 years.


In 1911 this family resided in the town land of Moneycromog. Henry was at this time a R.I.C. pensioner.

(Glass wreath)
In memory of William Kennedy died 17th May 1942.


Newspaper –

Kennedy – May 17, 1942 at his residence, Ballyclough, Stoneyford, William Kennedy. Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2.30 to Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard, House private. Deeply regretted by his sorrowing family.
The Officers and Members of Magheragall LOL 361 tender their deepest sympathy to Bro. David Kennedy on the death of his father – Jas. Greer, Secretary.

(Flower holder)
B. Kennedy died 21st December 1962
Erected by Matthew Kennedy in memory of his children who died in infancy also his mother Dorthie who died 29th March 1860 aged 58 years. His sister Ann McAtee who died Augt 1860 aged 30 years, his father David who died 24th Decr 1860 aged 56 years and his brother Henry who died 5th July 1870 aged 33 years. Eliza McAtee aged 17 years.
In loving memory of William Ernest 26th August 1921 – 14th October 2006.
He giveth His beloved Sleep.
The family burying ground of the Reverend Leebody


Belfast Newsletter 19 05 1879.

Leebody – May 17, at his residence, The Manse. Ballinderry, the Rev. Henry Leebody, senior minister of Ballinderry Presbyterian Church, aged 81 years. The remains of my beloved husband will be removed for interment in Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard tomorrow (Tuesday) at twelve o’clock noon. Friends will please accept this intimation. M.S. Leebody.

Muriel Gertrude died 19th July 1971, John George died 4th August 1984. In memory of devoted parents.
Erected to the memory of Jane, the beloved wife of Bryce Mackinnon who died 4th December 1869 aged 72 years, also her beloved husband Bryce Mackinnon who died 18th June, 1879 aged 88 years. Esther Janet eldest daughter who died 24th February 1850 aged 19 years. Peter eldest son who died at Paysandu Banda Oriental South America 21st July 1867 aged 35 years. Bryce, youngest son who died at Buenos Ayres South America 10th August 1877 aged 38 years, John Henry 2nd son who died at Monte Video South America 6th January 1895.


Belfast Newsletter dated 20 06 1879.

McKinnon – June 18, at the residence of his son in law William Henry Sefton, Ballinderry, Bryce MacKinnonm aged 88 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard, tomorrow (Saturday) morning, at ten o’clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

In loving memory of Shirley Ann 10th February 1948 – 21st December 2003.
A treasured wife and mother.

In loving memory of Elizabeth died 12th December 1956 aged 89 years her husband Robert died 4th April 1934 aged 82 years interred in the Middle Churchyard, their son Robert Turtle died 24th October 1976 aged 78 years and their daughter Mary Dorothea died 20th march 1989 aged 89 years.
Precious memories of our darling son Paul
died 13th April, 1987
James Brian Hugh McClenaghan
died 6th March 2009
Erected by Archibald McCord in memory of his mother Elizabeth died 9th November 1886 aged 60 years also the above named Archibald McCord died 28th January 1940 aged 80 years.
In loving memory of George McCord who died 20th July 1906 aged 74 years also his son Thomas B. killed in action in Belgium 30th Sept 1918 aged 33 years also his daughter Florence E who died in Belgian Congo Africa 12th August 1920 aged 34 years. Also his wife Eliza who died 20th June 1935 aged 89 years. Also his daughter Lucy W who died 3rd November 1940 aged 52 years at Todro Belge Vongo. They rest from their labours and their works do follow them. Also George Richard who died 2nd April 1969 aged 92 years and his wife Lillie Susan who died 14th April 1965 age 88 years.
(Flower holder) In memory of Marion R McCord died 30th November 1980
The family burying ground of William H. McCord.
In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Ethne, died 14th April 2000. For ever in our thoughts.
(Flower Holder)

In fond remembrance of my devoted husband and a loving father Sammie died 1st Oct 1977 also his beloved wife and my dear mother Irene died 26th July 1997. Loves last gift, remembrance.
In loving memory of James McKersie who died 25th Aug 1889 aged 68 years also Mary Lyle his wife who died 5th Jan 1899 aged 77 years and their daughter Catherine who died 5th Sep 1868 aged 24 years also their daughter Marion who died 3rd March 1913 aged 70 years also their son James who died 22nd November 1935 aged 69 years also their daughter Janet McKersie died 12th March 1975 aged 80 years. Erected by their loving children.
In loving memory of John McKersie who died 30th December 1920 aged 71 years also his wife Lizzie who died 1st September 1923 aged 68 years. Lizzie Cambridge Dick born 1874 – died 1958. Agnes McFerran Wright born 1884 – died 1969. Betty Wright Turner born 28 6 1913 – 8 6 1998


John McKersie was a native of Scotland. In 1911 he was a distillery manager and Lizzie Dick, his step daughter was a teacher. At that time they were residing on the Woodstock Road, Belfast.

Cherished memories of a beloved husband, George died 27th May 1994

Erected by Eliza Jane McKnight in loving memory of her husband Wm George McKnight who departed this life 4th Feb 1906 aged 45 years and her son William George who was brutally murdered on 18th May 1922 aged 30 years also the above named Eliza Jane McKnight died 24th October 1928, aged 73 years also her daughter Ann Jane Davidson died 20th April, 1954 aged 61 years. Father in thy gracious keeping leave me now our loved ones sleeping.


In 1911 Eliza Jane and her son William George McKnight were residing at McTier Street, Belfast.

The following is an extract from the Belfast Newsletter dated Friday 19th May 1922.

Rule of the gun in Belfast. Three men murdered on tramcars. Crimes in Broad Daylight.

The Attack on Musgrave Street Barracks.

Belfast was free from organised outbreaks of disturbance yesterday, bu the welter of bloodshed into which the city has been plunged by the machinations of the gunmen was still further added to by the perpetration of four cold-blooded murders.

Three of these took place on tramcars in broad daylight and in the presence of many people, who were terror-stricken by the appalling nature of the crimes.

A carter was shot from close range in Academy Street, and died shortly after admission to hospital.

Sensational tragedy on the Crumlin Road Police Station Raid. Constables’ Gallant Fight. Statement in Parliament.

The first of the terrible crimes was perpetrated in a city – bound tramcar shortly before eight o’clock in the morning, on the Crumlin Road, in the vicinity of Agnes Street, and the victims were two mill workers named Samuel McPeake (50) Ligoniel Road, and James McDonough (46), of Ligoniel Place. They were proceeding to their work in a York Road mill, when they were shot by several men who were travelling on the same tram.

A graphic account of the tragic affair was given by the conductor of the tram who said the murdered men boarded the car at Ardoyne and took their seats in the top saloon, near the back. The car was fairly full of passengers and the assassins, he believed, occupied the curved seat in the open portion behind their victims. When Agnes Street was reached several shots rang out and immediately afterwards two young men rushed down the stairs and jumped into the road way. The conductor noticed that one of them had a revolver in his hand and when he got to the back of the tram he put the weapon in his pocket. Both dashed into Tudor Place and were soon out of sight. The car was brought to a standstill and when the conductor went up the stairway he found two men lying on the floor. One was apparently lifeless and the other was writhing in agony. Everything possible was done for the poor man and the tram proceeded with all haste to the Mater Hospital, into which both victims were taken. One of the men was already dead and the other succumbed shortly after admission to the hospital.

The shooting was witnessed by many of the passengers on the car and the utmost consternation prevailed. The whole affair happened so quickly that no one had time to intervene and the murderers had no difficulty in escaping during the confusion.

York Road Crime.

In the afternoon another man was shot dead in a tramcar under difficult circumstances. His name was Thomas McCafferty, of 43 Shore Street, a commission agent’s clerk, and he was a passenger on a tramcar proceeding towards the Falls Road from Greencastle. When approaching Mountcollyer Avenue shots rang out and the unfortunate Avenue shots rang out and the unfortunate man, who was seated in the top compartment, fell mortally wounded. He expired in a few minutes, and the body was carried to the street, and taken into a house pending the arrival of the ambulance in which it was conveyed to the Nater Hospital. The passengers were naturally terror stricken, and many left the car immediately.

It is believed the shots were fired from a small group of men who were seen loitering at the entrance to one of the small streets off York Road, in the neighbourhood of Mountcollyer Avenue. Specials on duty opened fire on the gunmen, who disappeared up the street closely followed by the police who kept up a running fire from their revolvers, but the succeeded in escaping.

Another Carter Killed.

William G. McKnight, aged 34, a carter in the employment of Messrs. Gregg & Co., was shot when passing through Academy Street at 8 o’clock yesterday morning, with a horse and lorry. The bullet, which must have been fired from close range, struck him in the abdomen, and the ill-fated man, who resided at McTier Street, Shankill Road, died subsequently in the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Shot in North Queen Street.

When returning from his work in the bakery of Messrs. Ingles & Co., Ltd, shortly before 7 o’clock yesterday morning, Robert Beattie, who resides in Hillman Street, was fired at in North Queen Street by two men standing at the corner of Hardinge Street. He was wounded in the left arm, and was afterwards taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital and detained. His injury is not, however, of a serious nature…

Curfew Permits

We are officially informed that curfew permits already granted by the Commissioner of the Police for the hours 11pm to 6 am will hold good for the hour 10 pm to 6am unless the holder is notified to the contrary, or unless the permit is revoked.

The Casualty List.
Royal Victoria Hospital.


Constable John Collins (50), Musgrave Street Barracks.
W.G.McKnight (34), McTier Street


Special Constable Thomas McKeown (28), bullet wound to leg
Robert Beattie (52), Hillman Street, bullet wound to arm.

Mater Hospital


Samuel McPeake (50), Ligoneil Road
James McDonough (46), Ligoniel Place
Thomas McCafferty, Shore Street


Josephine McKeown, Spamount Street, bullet wound to face
Arthur McKeown, Spamount Street, bullet wound to shoulder; not detained.


In loving memory of Samuel Randal who died 27th April, 1972. Emily Caroline who died 8th August, 1975. Till he come.


Samuel Randal McMurtry was the son of James and Mary Jane McMurtry from Ballymave.

Erected in memory of James McMurtry who died 12th November 1895 aged 75 years and of his children Robert died 3rd Nov 1875 aged 27 years. Rose died 5th Jan 1879 aged 19 years, Annie died 11th Nov 1896 aged 27 years, Jennie died 11th June 1862 aged 12 years, Lizzie died 24th January 1909 aged 46 years. Rose McMurtry died 29th September 1917 aged 89 years also their daughters Martha McMurtry died 5th January 1930 aged 75 years. Randal McMurtry died 8th October 1936 aged 78 years.


Newspaper – Belfast Newsletter 07 01 1879.

McMurtray – January 5, suddenly, of diptheria, at Hallsville, Maragall, Rose, third daughter of Captain James McMurtray. Her remains will be removed for interment in Ballinderry Presbyterian ground, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o’clock.

In memory of a loving wife and devoted mother Elizabeth who died 5th July 1966, also her husband and our dear father John who died 19th March 1985. Ever remembered.
Erected in loving memory of James McMurtry who died 24th July 1928 in his 73rd year also his wife Mary Jane died 20th November 1945 in her 83rd year also their son Robert Martin died 13th November 1976 aged 84 years and of his wife Alice Maud (nee Simpson) died 4th March 1974 aged 78 years.

In loving memory of a beloved son and brother Ronald died 8th November 1992 aged 19 ½ years. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
In memory of The Rev. James Meeke M.A. 20th November, 1852 – 21st September 1928 Minister of this church. 24th May 1877 – 15th November 1927 and his wife Margaret Emily Meeke 30th May 1867 – 13th January 1960 and their daughter Ethel Hamilton Meeke 7th August 1902 – 11th February 2001.


In 1911 they resided in the Aghacarnon area. James Meeke was born in County Down and his wife had been born in County Fermanagh.

Erected by the Montgomery family in loving memory of Mary A. Montgomery died March 8th 1891. James Montgomery died July 22nd 1899. James A. Montgomery died Jan 27th 1900. Henry Montgomery died February 4th 1906. John V. Montgomery died December 6th 1934. Henrietta Montgomery died January 4th 1935.
Erected by Jacob Moorehead in memory of his son William Moorehead who died 13th April 1860 aged 2 years. Also his daughter Alice Bell Moorehead who died 15th April, 1860 aged 4 years also Eliza Ireland Moorehead died 17th February 1864 aged 9 months.
Patterson – Cleghorn.

In loving memory of James Morton Cleghorn died 9th October 1960 Isobella Patterson died 8th June 1969. John Cowden Patterson died 31st August 1982. Husband of the above Isobella Duncan Livingstone Cleghorn died 11th January 1999
In loving memory of a dear husband and father Raymond died 23rd December 2005. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
In loving memory of our darling daughter Elizabeth Anne, died 15th June 1965 aged 13 years. Her grandparents Cochran Shaw died 23rd August 1957. Eleanor Ann Shaw died 15th June 1965, also James T. Shaw died 24th January 1975. Her mother Evelyn F E Shaw died 13th November 1978 and father Ernest Shaw died 16th August 1986.
Erected by James Thompson in memory of his dear mother Mary Thompson alias Logan who died 23rd May 1857 aged 75 years. Also in memory of his dear wife Margaret who died 13th April 1869, aged 49 years. The above named James Thompson who died 17th May 1905 aged 86 years.
Erected by William Thompson in memory of his dear wife Sarah who died 19th March 1872 aged 63 years. Also in memory of their 2 children James and Sarah who died in infancy also his son in law Edward Collins who died 14th May 1884 aged 32 years also his three grandchildren Thompson, William and Edward who died young. Also his son James Thompson who died 28th March 1917, his wife Margaret A who died 11th April 1917, their daughter Mary E who died 30th August 1917 also Eliza Collins daughter of the above William Thompson died 12th December 1904. I am the resurrection and the life. John XI 25

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Mary Isobel Mamie died 9th December, 1979.
Precious memories of a loving husband and father Henry Montgomery Todd died 13th November 2001. Always in our Hearts.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.

In loving memory of George Colin Wadsworth died 19th September 1995.
At rest.
Erected in memory of Fortescue Whiteside
died 10th April 1916


In 1911 Fortescue Whiteside was residing in the townland of Ballyscolly

In loving memory of a dear husband and father Paul Douglas who died 15th November 1981 also a dearly loved son and brother Darren Alexander who died 13th June 1998.

At Peace.
Erected to the memory of David Wright, Ballynadolly who died 28th March 1921 aged 50 years also his wife Rose J. Wright died 24th March 1947, aged 76 years. William James Wright died 28th June 1997.
In loving memory of John a dear husband, devoted father and grandfather died 22nd February 2006 aged 79 years.
The Lord is my Shepherd.
Erected by the Wright family in loving memory of their parents Elizabeth Wright who died 5th October 1921 aged 60 years, William James Wright who died 15th Feb 1923, aged 62 years, also their daughter Martha Wright who died 3rd March 1924 aged 31 years, also their son William James Wright who died 8th Dec 1952 aged 57 years also their son Joseph Wright of Colin who died 29th Dec 1970 aged 83 years also his wife Henrietta who died 20th October, 1982.
(flower holder) In memory of Joseph from his wife Henrietta
(flower holder)
Thomas Denis died 27 09 2000
In loving memory of my dear mother Margaret Wright died 12th December 1944. John Wright died 5th February 1947 also their eldest son John Wright died 22nd April 1961 also his wife Alice Fair Wright died 17th April, 1987.


Newspaper –

Wright, December 11, 1944 at her residence Moss Road, Stoneyford, Margaret beloved wife of John Wright. Funeral on tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 pm to Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard. House Private. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing husband, family and grandchildren.

Wright – Officers and members of Stoneyford Temperance LOL 1253 regret the death of the mother of their esteemed Members, Brs Joseph , Thomas, David and William and their highly esteemed D.M. John Wright. N. Scott, Secy.

Newspaper –

Wright. February 5, 1947 at his residence Moss Road, Stoneyford, John husband of the late Margaret Wright. Funeral on Friday at 2pm to Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard. House private – Deeply regretted by his sorrowing sons, daughters in law and grandchildren.

In loving memory of Joseph Henry Wright died 12th September 1956 also his daughter Jean died 20th March 1929 and his wife Margaret died 26th November 1973.
In loving memory of David who died 9th May 1960 his wife Evelyn who died 18th October 1998 and their son David who died 18th December 2000. They lived their lives for those they loved, and those they loved remember.
Cherished memories of a beloved wife and mother Sarah died 29th April 1995.
In loving memory of a dear husband and father Charles Cecil died 13th July 2003.

Other burials with no apparent headstone:


Belfast Newsletter 03 03 1876.

Spence – Mar 1st at her father’s residence, Magheragall, Maggie, daughter of Thomas Spence. Her remains will be removed for interment in Ballinderry Presbyterian Burying – ground tomorrow (Saturday) morning at eleven o’clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.


Newspaper –

Moorhead – at his residence, Aughcarnan, Upper Ballinderry, Josiah, dearly loved husband of Agnes C. Moorhead. Funeral on tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm to Ballinderry Presbyterian Burying ground. Deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife and daughter. American papers please copy.


Newspaper –

Wright. October 29 1931 at his residence, Ballynadoolly, Stoneyford, Joseph, the dearly – beloved husband of the late Alice Wright. His remains will be removed from the above address, on tomorrow (Saturday) at 230 pm for interment in Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard. Friends will please accept this intimation. Deeply regretted by his sorrowing family.

Stoneyford Temperance LOL 1253.

Wight. The Officers and Members of the above lodge are requested to attend the funeral of the father of Br. David M Wright. Joseph Creaney W.M. A.Scott secretary.


Newspaper –

Scott, October 29, 1943 at her residence, Derrykillultagh, Upper Ballinderry, Susannah, relict of William Scott (late Ballynacoy, Glenavy). Funeral tomorrow (Sunday) at 3pm to Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard. House Private. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing family.


Newspaper –

Wright. March 9, 1943 at the Royal Victoria Hospital Sarah dearly loved wife of James Wright. Funeral from her late residence, Ballynadolly, Magheragall, on tomorrow (Sunday) at 230pm to Ballinderry Presbyterian Churchyard – deeply regretted by her sorrowing Husband and family.

Newspaper –

Addison – December 2 1945 at her residence Crossvale, Upper Ballinderry, Sarah dearly beloved wife of John Alexander Addison. Funeral to Ballinderry Presbyterian Church at 1.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday).

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