James Farr

There is a headstone in Glenavy Parish Church relating to James Farr.

James Farr Headstone

The Farr family headstone at Glenavy Parish Church

memory of
James Farr
who taught in Fourscore N S
for 38 years
died 10th July 1906
aged 60 years
Also his son James
who was killed in the Great War
28th September 1918
Aged 37 years,
also his wife
Ellen Farr
who died 30th September 1933
aged 70 years.

James and Ellen also had daughters called Lizzie and Minnie and a son Charlie.

James Farr killed on 28th September 1918 may well be the Pte. J. Farr whose name appears on the War memorial in Glenavy Village. He served with the American Forces.

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