Belfast & Ulster Towns Directory 1936

The following is an extract from the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory 1936

Glenavy is about one mile and a half from Lough Neagh. The Glenavy River is a favourite resort for anglers, the fishing there being remarkably good. Population about 300.

Telegraph Office – Glenavy Railway Station; Wm. Sherlock, clerk
Petty Sessions – Held last Monday of each month in Crumlin; G.L. Alderdice, clerk
Post Office Savings Bank and Money Order Office, open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. – Miss Ferris
Northern Bank, Ltd – Agency, Thursdays


Church of Ireland – Parish Church, Glenavy – Rev. R.A. Mollan, M.A.
St. Andrew’s Chapel of Ease, Feumore – Supplied from Glenavy
Parish Church, Stoneyford – Rev. W.J. McCorry
St. John’s Chapel of Ease, Crumlin – Supplied from Glenavy
Presbyterian Church – Rev. F.R.M. Bryars, B.A. Crumlin
Methodist Church – Rev. J.A. Walton, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel – Rev. D. McEvoy, P.P.; curate, Rev. Lynch


Protestant Hall, Glenavy
P.E. Schools – Glenavy, Mr. Walker and Mrs. A. Ross; Legateriff, Miss Addy and Miss Smyth.
Ballymacricket (boys) – Mr McKavanagh; Mrs Morgan and Mrs. Brankin -(girls); Four Score – Mrs McCullough
Glenavy Dispensary – Thomas West, M.D.
Registrar of Births &c. – Thomas West M.D.
Reading and Recreation Room – Protestant Hall


Addis, John, farmer
Addison, Edwin, farmer, Lurgill,
Addy, Miss, The Beeches
Armstrong, John, saddler and sand merchant
Armstrong, Thomas, Crewe,
Armstrong, William, Signalman
Ballance, John, farmer, Ballypitmave
Ballance, Samuel, farmer, Ballymote
Bell, Andrew, farmer, Ballyvorally
Bell, Charles, carpenter and joiner
Bell, Mrs. T., farmer, Bellgrove
Bell, Samuel, farmer, Landgarve
Bell, William, sexton, Parish Church
Bolton, Mrs. W. Ballymote
Brankin, John, fisherman
Brankin, Mrs., grocer
Briggs, W.L. flock manufacture
Brown, John, farmer, Aghnadarragh
Bryson, William, farmer, Larkhill
Buchanan, S., merchant, Rose Lane Ends
Clendinning, Albert, Ballyminnimore
Colbourn, Wm. Shoemaker, Ballyvorally
Colburn, Miss, Ballynacoy
Collier, John, farmer, Ballinacoy
Collins, Francis, Aghadalgon tavern
Corbett, Thomas, Springfield
Crawford, James, Ballynacoy
Creaney, John, farmer, Elm Hill
Crossey, Daniel, farmer
Crossey, John , Basket manufacturer, Tullynewbank
Crossey, Patrick, farmer
Cummins, Richard, farmer
Dogherty, Constantine, farmer
Dogherty, Robert, farmer
Doon, James, butcher
Edens, Mrs., Tullynewbane
Evans, James, Crewe Park
Evans, Wm. G., farmer, Eden Lodge
Faloon, Henry, carpenter
Farr, Arthur, caretaker, Protestant Hall
Ferguson, Alex., blacksmith
Ferris, Miss E, postmistress
Ferris, Miss E., publican
Fleeton, Mrs., Edenvale
Garrett, Robert, farmer
Gibson, Thomas, farmer, Crossvale
Green, William, farmer
Hannon, Hugh, shoemaker
Harbinson, Wm., sexton, Methodist Church
Harkness, John, Fourscore
Haslett, Eric, farmer
Heaney, William, tailor
Heatley, J., Ballymacricket
Hendron, George, farmer, Ballymote
Hendron, James, farmer
Higginson, Henry, farmer
Higginson, John, farmer
Hillis, James, farmer, Bellbrook
Hughes, John, cycle repair shop
Huston, Mrs., Turvey
Ingram, E., & Sons, masons and contractors
Ingram, Geo. E., carpenter
Ingram, Herbert, motor driver
Ingram & Moore, garage
Johnston, Archibald, farmer, Bleary Hill
Johnston, George, farmer
Johnston, Mrs.A., The Weir
Johnston, M.L.& S., Ltd., General Merchants; Agents for Belfast Weekly News and Belfast News Letter. Telegraphic address- Johnston, Ltd., Glenavy
Johnston, Rebecca
Johnston, Samuel, Hopevale
Johnston, W.H., shop assistant
Jordan, Frank, farmer, Ballydonaghy
Kennedy, John, carpenter
Kennedy, Robert, Tullynewbank
Kerr, W.J., bread server
Kilpatrick, William, farmer
Laird, John, Gobrana House
Lavery, James, Hillhead
Lewis, J., farmer, Ivy Hill
Logan, Miss, farmer, Landgarve
Lowe, Henry, J.P., farmer
Lowry, John, farmer
Lowry, William, farmer
Lyle, John, tailor
MacCreanor, Charles, farmer, Ballymote
MacCreanor, Patrick, farmer, Tullynewbank
Megarry, Henry, fisherman
Megarry, John, fisherman
Megarry, John, boat builder
Millar, Miss, dressmaker
Mollan,Rev. R.A., M.A.
Moore, Thos., farmer
Moore, William, Crossvale
Morgan, Charles, Fruithill
Morgan, John, farmer
Morrow, Francis, Tullynewbank
Mulholland, Daniel, farmer
Mulholland, Isaac, publican and basket manufacturer
Mulholland, James, farmer
McAllister, James, Pigeontown
McAllister, Michael, Glenview
McAllister, Mrs. R., Fir Lodge
McCambridge, John, merchant, Ballyvannon
McClelland, John, farmer
McCord, A., flock worker
McCorry, Bernard, farmer
McCorry, Hugh, farmer, Tullynewbane
McCorry, W.J., farmer
McCullagh, Mrs., farmer, Tullynewbank
McCullough, David, The Mills
McCullough, Francis, Knockcairn House
McCullough, Mrs., teacher
McEvoy, Rev. D., Ballymacricket
McKavanagh, Daniel, farmer
McKavanagh, J., teacher, Ballymacricket
McKeown, Miss M. L.T.C.L., Sunnyside
McKeown, W.J. Managing Director, Sunnyside
O’Boyle, Patrick, farmer
Peel, Albert, D.C., farmer
Price, Henry, farmer, Ivybrook
Price, John, farmer
Rankin, Misses, Landgarve
Rankin, Robert, Ballynacoy
Reid, Joseph, farmer, Crew
Reid, Wm., farmer, Crew
Richardson, F., Ballyvorally
Robinson, Robert, merchant
Rollins, George, farmer, Crew Park
Ross, Alexander, farmer
Ross, James, publican and farmer
Rush, Frederick, tailor
Savage, William, farmer
Scott, William, grocer, Fourscore
Sefton, Miss, Glendona
Sherlock, William, stationmaster
Simpson, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer
Smith, Samuel, farmer, Crew Park
Steel, David, platelayer
Steel, James, Shamrock Vale
Steel, Robert, farmer
Steele, Thomas, farmer, Tullynewbank
Stewart, James, farmer, Crew
Stewart, Joseph, farmer
Thompson, Mrs., Aghadalgon
Thompson, Mrs. L.
Thompson, Mrs. W., farmer, Tullynewbane
Trowland, Robert, farmer
Ulster Flock Co., Glenavy
Walker, James, teacher, Avy Cottage
Walton, Rev. J.A., M.A., Methodist Manse
Waring, Samuel, D.C.., Landgarve
Watson, Thomas, cycle repair shop
West, Thomas, M.D. Sona Rupa
White, Walter, carpenter, Sandon
Whyte, Misses, Riverside
Wilson, Robert, carpenter and auctioneer
Wilson, Robert, farmer, The Laurels
Yarr, James, butcher
Young, James, watchmaker and jeweller

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