The Building of Crew Orange Hall

The Building of Crew Orange Hall DVD

The Building of Crew Orange Hall DVD

This is a unique piece of Glenavy history and has been taken from cine film and put onto DVD. The DVD shows the building of the Crew Hall (LOL124), the laying of the foundation stone (18th October, 1958), the opening of the hall and the associated sale of works (30th March 1959). There are many people who appear in this DVD who are no longer with us. The quality is variable, but played on a home computer and slowed down, many faces can be identified. There is no original sound, although a music soundtrack has been added. Thanks to the Lewis family of Lisburn for preserving these memories and permitting us to share them.

Copies of the DVD can be obtained from

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Unit 12 – 14 Rosevale Industrial Estate
171 Moira Road
Telephone 08455202040

The Lewis family or lodge are not making anything from the sale of this DVD. Copies can be obtained for £10 each.