Stoneyford Woman’s L.O.L. 11

Social and Dance

The following appeared in The Ulster Star dated 10th November 1962 and appears with permission of the Ulster Star.

Stoneyford Women’s L.O.L. No. 11

A Social and Dance will be held in Stoneyford Orange Hall on Wednesday, 14th Nov. 1962.

Music by Jim McClurg and His band. Dancing 9 – 2.

Admission (inc. supper) – 3 shillings. God Save the Queen!

Lodge Members Express Sympathy

The following is a newspaper cutting from unknown source.

Crew LOL 124

Lowry – The Officers and Members of the above Lodge regret the death of the sister of their esteemed member, Bro. John Lowry (jun) and tender their sincere Sympathy. H. Lewis W.M.

Stoneyford Women’s First LOL no 11

Lowry – The Officers and Members of above Lodge regret the death of their esteemed member, Sister Muriel Lowry, and daughter and Sister of their esteemed members, Sisters Mrs. Lowry and Sister Vivien Lowry, and tender to her relatives their deepest sympathy. D. Williamson W.M.

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