Killead R.B.P. 287


The following is from The Ulster Star dated 25th February 1961 and appears with permission of the Ulster Star.

Camp of Israel R.B.P. No. 287 (Killead) has made the following appointments – W.M., Mr. A. Brown; D.M., Mr. J. Steele; Chaplain, the Rev. C.E. Brennan; registrar, Mr. T. Steele, jun.; Lecturers, Messrs. J. Smyth and H. Heaney; censors, Messrs A. McCord and W. Heaney; pursuivant, Mr. W. Steele; committee Messrs C Ireland, R. Stewart, H. Cameron, T.J. Brown, D. Taylor, Samuel Rea and A. McMaster.

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